In 1990, North East Airconditioner & Material Pte Ltd, was established to provide Parts, Equipments and Materials to the Heating, Ventilation, Air-conditioning & Refrigeration (HVAC&R) industry in Singapore

Being one of the leaders, North East's management actively aligns its business structure to meet industry's needs in terms of wide product range, quality products (PSB Certified) as well as effective pricing to create good value for customers.

At North East Airconditioner & Material Pte Ltd, our policy is to be customer-oriented and we strive for continual improvement in our quality management systems to supply parts and materials and to provide services to meet customers' satisfaction.

Through our relentless efforts, we have successfully supplied parts and materials to many residential, commercial and industrial projects in Singapore and in the region through our close partnership with the network of air-conditioning contractors and dealers over the years.

Today, North East maintains strong focus as an active distributor and stock list of many leading international brands of air-conditioning parts/materials and air-conditioners. We are also a leading exporter of air-conditioning parts to the dynamic growth countries of Asia, Middle East and Eastern Europe.

In line with our customers oriented philosophy, we are confident that we will excel in our business dealings with our customers and will forge strategic business partnership to achieve a common goal.