K-FLEX Insulation

K-Flex TITAN Insulation

Product Description: K-FLEX TITAN is a flexible co-extruded jacketed composite material applied to K-FLEX NBR/PVC tubular insulation. It is a polymeric jacketed material that offers excellent flexibility, abrasion and weather resistance, making it ideal for outdoor applications.


K-FLEX TITAN can be used for outdoor applications with service temperatures ranging from -57 °C to +104 °F. The applications would be consistent with those recommended for K-FLEX Insul-Tube tubing. The product is used to enhance the weather and abuse resistance of the insulation tubing. K-FLEX TITAN is ideal for use on HVAC linesets and flex hose applications.


K-FLEX TITAN provides excellent UV resistance and protection from weather. K-FLEX TITAN’s proprietary copolymer blend jacket provides excellent protection from mechanical abuse. The product has a 5-year warranty.


The expanded closed-cell structure and unique formulation inherently resists moisture vapour intrusion. K-FLEX TITAN needs no additional protection.

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K-Flex TITAN Insulation

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